detoxification programThe primary goal in Chinese Medicine is to identify underlying imbalances and disease patterns in the body before they cause illness and severe weakness.

The ultimate goal is to re-balance the body and restore optimal health and quality of life.

During your consultation, you’ll be asked precise and comprehensive questions about all aspects of your state of health, both physically and emotionally.

Palpation of the wrists and inspection of the tongue, along with other diagnostics, will help to determine the most appropriate treatment protocol for YOU.

As part of the customised treatment plan we will discuss your health goals and you may receive:

  • an individualised diet;
  • herbal formulas;
  • lifestyle advice;
  • relaxation techniques; and
  • information on pressure points that you can active daily at home.

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Treatment may consist of the following:

Note: Acupuncture and/or massage will be included in every treatment.

Other Services Available:


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Cellular Detoxification and Regeneration: 

Regenerative detoxification at the cellular level to renew and regenerate weak and inflamed organs and tissues.

Functional Testing:

Functional diagnostic testing may also be used for a better understanding of the underlying physiological dysfunctions that set the stage for chronic disease.

These may include:

  • Functional pathology testing: Heavy metal testing, D.U.T.C.H hormone and thyroid testing, intestinal permeability, allergies, cortisol/DHEA and more.
  • Zinc Tally Test: Quick and easy indication of the level of zinc in the body.
  • Genetic Profile testing: Genomic wellness testing through a saliva sample will provide valuable information about the state of your health. This test will enable to design a tailored treatment program based on your genes.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Better understanding of weight management and dietary requirements;
  • Better understanding of your stress response;
  • Identify inflammatory markers and how to reduce the risk of chronic disease;
  • Whether your lactose intolerant; and
  • How well your body detoxifies chemicals and environmental toxins.

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Fertility/IVF Support:

chinese medicine fertility melbourneResearch has shown that acupuncture can significantly increase IVF and natural fertility success.

Chinese Medicine treatment for fertility is likely to include:

  • Pre-conception care;
  • Pregnancy care; and
  • Post-natal care.

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Cosmetic Acupuncture (Facial Rejuvenation):

A non-surgical holistic approach to reduce the signs of ageing.

Consisting of a course of 10-12 treatments of facial and body acupuncture followed by massage and herbal extracts.cosmetic acupuncture melbourne

From a TCM perspective, treatments are designed to correct any organ imbalances as well as to improve the circulation of blood and fluids throughout the body, this in turn directly affects your facial appearance and skin condition.

You’ll likely notice improved muscle tone in the face, a reduction in the depth and appearance of wrinkles, reduced puffiness around the face and a fresher, younger looking complexion.

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