5 Elements of Chinese Medicine

Today I’m going to briefly introduce you to one of the core foundations of Chinese Medicine. Learning about the five elements of Chinese Medicine has the ability to profoundly change the way you understand your body and its surrounding environment.

I even have a 5 ELEMENT BODY QUIZ for you to work out what your main element is…

The ancient teachings of Chinese Medicine date back to greater than 3000 BC.

The Chinese sages observed and studied an ongoing pattern of transformation in the universe.

The five-element theory of ancient Chinese Medicine encompasses each of these interpretations as a single, comprehensive theory.

It is based on the understanding that the entire universe can be divided into five core elements and these are:

• Wood
• Fire
• Water
• Metal
• Earth

Let’s briefly discuss each of the five elements, along with their original meridians or specific relation to organs in the human body.

Consider the correlation of each element in your life.

Everybody has a component of each element in their constitution and by the end of this post you may be able to identify what your primary element is.

(1) Wood 

Wood element chinese medicine

With liver and gallbladder being the key organs, the Qi (pronounced “chi”) of this element is known to prosper in the season of spring owing to its green color.

Individuals who have a strong element of wood are usually good a setting clear goals, with an ability to plan ahead and make decisions.

When this element gets imbalanced in such individuals, it can cause intense frustration and physical problems like migraines, tension and cramps, eye problems, brittle nails and pain near the ribcage.


(2) Fire

The element of fire houses the heart and small intestine.Fire element chinese medicine

The colour red is associated with this element.

Individuals having a strong element of fire usually have a very charismatic personality. They make excellent leaders, they are friendly and are very good at socializing.

When an imbalance occurs in such individuals, it leads to confusion, insomnia and speech problems.

Conditions include hypertension, cardiac disorders, poor circulation and sores in the mouth.

People having a strong element of fire are especially vulnerable in hot weather and benefit from consuming bitter green vegetables (e.g. watercress and arugula).


(3) Earth

The main organs of this element are the stomach and spleen.

Earth element chinese medicine

Individuals who possess a strong element of earth are extremely compassionate and have a balanced nature.

In addition, individuals who possess a weaker strain of this element are prone to being very pensive (e.g. thoughtful, reflective, serious) at times.

People in this category are also highly vulnerable to problems of the digestive tract, these include bloating, loose stools and poor appetite.

Fatigue and general weakness is also evident when this element is imbalanced. Their condition is often impaired by the intake of dairy foods, refined sugars and cold or raw food products.


(4) Metal

Metal element chinese medicine

A person with a strong metal element is usually very self-disciplined and organized.

With the meridians lying in the lungs and large intestines, this element gives a sense of deeper inner strength.

When an imbalance occurs in this element, the individuals begin to feel very sad and melancholic and can develop diseases related to the lungs, such as recurring colds, allergies and asthma.

Many problems of the lungs and large intestines are related to a sedentary lifestyle.


(5) Water

Water element chinese medicine

The key traits of individuals possessing a strong water element include fearlessness and determination.

Such individuals have strong willpower and succeed through difficulties owing to their mental strength.

The organs associated with this element include kidneys and bladder.

Weakness in this element often results in mild to moderate complications in the body’s water metabolism, bone issues, hearing and hair loss, fertility and sexual organ imbalances.

In some cases, a weakness of this element can also cause severe insecurity and fearfulness.


I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to the five elements of Chinese Medicine, that are so integral to every part of your daily living.

Once you can attain a balance of these elements, you are on your way to achieving optimal health.

In future posts I will delve further into the meaning of each element and what they can tell you about how you should be nourishing your body.

In the meanwhile, I have prepared a QUIZ that you can take to work out what your main element is.

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