The ‘Tao Te Ching’

Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic – Huangdi Neijing, NJLS 28 (ca. 300 BCE)

All diseases originate from the environmental conditions of wind, rain, cold and heat; from seasonal changes; excess joy and anger; from what one drinks and eats; the condition of one’s residence; and by incessant worry and sudden fear

Welcome to my website. My journey into the world of Chinese Medicine and holistic health began as a teenager when I picked up a copy of the book ‘Tao Te Ching, which describes a philosophy of how to live in harmony and be at one with your surroundings (‘the way’). My connection with this book led me to the ancient teachings of traditional Chinese Medicine and I studied this along with Acupuncture , Qi Gong and both Eastern and Western Herbal Medicine.

Studying in China

In 2007 I spent time in China completing a clinical internship, which refined my skills and taught me how to combine both eastern and western disciplines. This led me towards a holistic understanding of health and wellbeing, whereby optimal health is achieved by treating the root causes rather than the masking of symptoms

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I wake up every day with a passion to learn more and it is through my private practice that I implement my knowledge. This site is a culmination of both professional and personal experiences and I intend to provide cutting edge and evidence based information from the greatest of minds and intellects in the field of science, nutrition and holistic health to empower you. I hope to reach a greater audience of people who are also hungry for knowledge, improved health and longevity….

Life in Australia

I grew up in Australia with a traditional Spanish upbringing, where simple and nutritious wholefoods and a close family unit were an integral part of my daily living. My grandfather was only two months shy of being a centenarian and I fully intend to better that!

Struck down by glandular fever (the Epstein Bar virus) and chronic fatigue, brought upon by long term stress trying to cope with a busy lifestyle, this event proved to be a turning point in my life.

I learnt that mind, body and spirit are all important elements that need to be balanced. This is the essence of a holistic paradigm where optimal health and well-being are attainable….

I still live with the Epstein bar virus. The difference is, I now know what conditions the virus thrives in and how to control and keep on top of it’s proliferation, naturally.

In my practice

Every day, I see clients battling with ill health and chronic disease and poor quality food, stress and a sedentary lifestyle are major contributors. What chance do we have when we are tied to a computer or television for most of the day and our food and environment are pumped with toxic chemicals, including pesticides and antibiotics? It’s a difficult world to navigate but we can learn from the wisdom of our ancestors, share our knowledge and become better informed to take back control.

I get so much happiness and satisfaction from hearing the results my clients achieve after following a holistic approach to healing. There is a lot of conflicting evidence and outdated information out there that is confusing. I hope to clarify some misnomers and inspire you to reclaim control of the things in life YOU CAN influence…your health, happiness, personal power and passion….

Here’s to your Sacred Balance!

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M.AppSc (Chinese Herbal Medicine); B.HSc (Hons-Acupuncture); G.Dip. (Western Herbal Medicine), Cert. (Detoxification), Cert. (Qi Gong), Cert. (Massage), Cert. (Facial Rejuvenation – UK), Cert. (Advanced Clinical Internship – China)

Lets begin the re-balancing process

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