chinese medicine for anxietyAre you or one of your friends or family members struggling with anxiety or depression?

Don’t worry you are not alone. These are two of the most common mental health conditions in our society today.

Rest assured there are many ways to address anxiety and depression naturally. Chinese Medicine just happens to be one of the most common modalities used for this condition….

Chinese Medicine and Your Emotions

Your current emotional state is an internal factor that is very important in Chinese Medicine.

According to the Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine, the body is in control of the Five Elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal.

Each element corresponds to a specific organ as well as a specific emotion.

  • The kidney is associated with Water and therefore with fear;
  • The liver with Wood and anger;
  • The heart with Fire and joy;
  • The spleen with Earth and pensiveness; and
  • The lungs with Metal and grief.

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Stress and anger are known to stagnate (deteriorate) your liver qi (energy). In the long term can result in both physical and mental exhaustion, even the onset of dis-ease.

Stress also raises your levels of the hormone cortisol, which is linked to weight gain, in particular belly fat. Cortisol is also known for increasing your appetite and cravings for sugar.

herbs for liverIt’s all part of the fight or flight response, which our bodies have as a survival mechanism to react quickly to life-threatening situations.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is unique in that it views cause and effect as circular (think the yin yang symbol), rather than linear.

In practice this means that the cause of an ailment may be an emotion, but also that an ailment can lead to an emotion.

Chinese Medicine for Anxiety and Depression

There are several natural herbs for anxiety and depression that work by supporting and restoring the function of your liver and other overworked organs. The ultimate goal being to bring your body and mind back into overall balance.

Acupuncture is also great for re-aligning your body and balancing your emotions.

Chinese and western herbs may also be used to detoxify your body and reduce the burden that toxic chemicals and emotions may be having on your body.

Recommended treatment may also include eating specific foods, Qi Gong and Tai Chi exercises, meditation, breath-work or other behavioural therapy techniques that work holistically to re-balance your mind and body.

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